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Ayurveda is the known as the Science of Life.  It is a holistic healing science which dates back thousands of years and has sustained its efficacy and relevency until the present day.  It guides us towards achieving optimal heath by recognizing and addressing the whole human, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  If any of these areas of the whole human are out of balance, it will bleed over into the other areas causing distress or disease.  The practice of Ayurveda includes diet, herbs, exercise, yoga, meditation and therapeutic body treatments to aid in the balance of our health.  Specific herbs, foods, treatments, exercises and lifestyle choices are suggested to the individual depending on their Doshic makeup.  

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the different doshas.  Ayurveda is comprised of 3 different doshas (or energies), each containing different qualities.  The 3 doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  Most people have one predominent dosha, with a close secondary.  We all have parts of all the doshas within us, and life circumstances, life choices or seasons can effect whether they are balanced or imbalanced.  Ayurveda looks at each individual and realizes there is not a one size fits all model for health.  Just because one “healthy” food or activity works for someone, it may be the wrong fit for someone else.  We are all unique beings and have the ability to take charge of our whole health and this is the beautiful thing about Ayurveda’s wisdom.  Tapping into these doshas and the subtle elements of life can have incredible and long lasting effects towards not simply surviving, but thriving in our lives, through body, mind, heart and soul.  

Vata is composed of ether and air.  This makes Vata types quick, airy, restless, fast thinkers, talkative, creative, nervous, anxious, thin, active, dry, pale and cold.  They tend to have a weak digestive fire.  Vata types need warming foods and herbs in their diet.  As well they need warming and moisturizing products for their skin and hair as they tend to be dry and have thin skin with brittle hair and nails.  A healthy Vata type is creative, bright, energetic, adaptable, perceptive and lively.  An imbalanced Vata might experience fear, anxiety and emptiness.  Advice to balance a Vata would be to slow down, do grounding work, keep warm, do hatha yoga, breathwork and to focus on even inhalations and exhalations.  

Pitta is composed of fire and water.  Pitta types are very hot, fiery, oily, dominant, strong, assertive, intelligent, arrogant and successful.  They have a strong digestive fire.  They do best with cooling foods, beverages and herbs in their diet.  They should avoid spicy foods as it can aggravate their already fiery nature.  Their skin and hair tends to be on the thicker and oilier side.  They can be prone to breakouts and redness.  They do best with more purifying/cleansing products for skin, hair and nails.  A balanced Pitta will be driven, courageous, strong-willed, productive, manifesting, and a moral leader.  If out of balance they can resort to anger, rage and jealosy.  Advice for a Pitta would be to slow down, keep cool, meditate daily, take deep breaths and lengthen their exhalations.  

Kapha is composed of water and earth.  Kapha types are heavy, dense, damp, soft, steady, stable, stubborn, slow, sweet and consistant.  They often have a sluggish digestive fire.  Kapha types need a lot of vigourous stimlutation to their skin cells, their digestive tract and their body to speed up their metabolism and give them more energy.  They would do well with spicy foods and invogorating exercises and routines.  They tend to have very soft and luxurious hair and smooth, healthy complexions.  They require low maintenece skin, hair and nail care.  They would do well with dry powder scrubs or vigourous massage to try to eliminate some of the dampness in their bodies.  A balanced Kapha will be gentle, soft-hearted, caring, loving, dependable, trustworthy and accomodating.  An imbalance can create possessiveness and depression.   It would be beneficial to increase their movement with energizing activites and lenthen their inhalations. 

When you book an Ayurvedic service at Spa Botanica we make sure to choose ingredients, products and service styles to bring out the best for your individual Doshic combination.  We believe strongly in whole health and want to you to radiate from the inside out! 

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